As it says on the main page, my name is Neil Shenvi; I am currently a research scientist with Prof. Weitao Yang at Duke University in the Department of Chemistry. I was born in Santa Cruz, California, but grew up in Wilmington, Delaware. I attended Princeton University as an undergraduate where I worked on high-dimensional function approximation with Professor Herschel Rabitz. I became a Christian in Berkeley, CA where I did my PhD in Theoretical Chemistry at UC - Berkeley with Professor Birgitta Whaley. The subject of my PhD dissertation was quantum computation, including topics in quantum random walks, cavity quantum electrodynamics, spin physics, and the N-representability problem. From 2005-2010, I worked as a postdoctoral associate with Prof. John Tully at Yale where I did research into nonadiabatic dynamics, electron transfer, and surface science. I moved down to Durham in 2010 to do research into nonadiabatic dynamics and electronic structure theory with professor Weitao Yang at Duke University. A few days after arriving in Durham, I had a seizure due to an undiagnosed 5cm brain tumor between my cerebellum and occipital lobe. You can read more about my experience here.

My wife, Christina Shenvi (née Brown), also earned a PhD in Chemistry at Berkeley, where she studied the regulation of eukaryotic translation with Professor Jamie Cate. She attended medical school at Yale and is now a faculty member at UNC in the Department of Emergency Medicine. We have four children.

Christina and I were members of Trinity Baptist Church in New Haven and are currently members of Summit Church in the Raleigh-Durham area.

When I'm not in lab, I like to play basketball, run, lift weights, read, and bake. My favorite authors include C.S. Lewis, Charles Spurgeon, Dostoevsky, and Camus.