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Homeschool Tip #3 - Schedule 1-on-1 Time

Homeschool Tips
  1. Have a Schedule
  2. Push Reading First
  3. Schedule 1-on-1 Time
  4. Use Technology
  5. Embrace Educational Standards
  6. Teach Outside of School
  7. Relax

If only one child is being homeschooled, this point is irrelevant. But once a second, third, or fourth child is added to your class, balancing their work becomes extremely important. If you look at my schedule, you'll notice the "Notes" column has multiple blocks labelled "one-one-one time with Daddy." During these periods, all four kids are engaged in some activity that does not involve my attention. While the others are occupied, I pull out one child at a time and teach them new skills, review their morning's work with them, and correct mistakes.

During other activities like "Handwriting" or "Math", I watch them work and will correct their errors or explain concepts. But 1-on-1 time is where the bulk of truly new learning happens, which is why it's important to block off periods for it. Notice that I also arranged the schedule so that both of my daughters have a 30-minute reading time "with Daddy," since they still need help reading confidently and fluently.

Don't be discouraged if 1-on-1 time feels rushed or if it's constantly a battle to keep the other kids occupied. Keep in mind that the student-to-teacher ratio in traditional schools is usually 8:1 and often much higher. Unless you have your own reality show, your children will receive far more individual attention at home than they would elsewhere and a small amount of individual attention goes a long way.

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