Here are two letters from Christina written just after I had regained consciousness after my surgery on June 7th.

Dear Friends...

This is a hard update to write. Neil made it through the surgery and was extubated. He is... neurologically intact. However, there was a lot of brain swelling when they opened him up, suggesting it is a more aggressive tumor. Also, the pathology showed that it is not a meningioma as we had strongly hoped. They will not know until the end of the week whether it is a medulloblastoma or a GBM (glioblastoma multiforme). Both of these are much worse than the meningioma that we had hoped for. He will likely need chemo and radiation. I am deeply saddened by this, but I know that good will ultimately come of it. Neil said yesterday that even if he died from this tumor, as much as the idea of leaving a widow and orphans was incredibly sad... that if some of his friends and family came to know Jesus through it, that it would be worth it. I know that God can heal him, either through a miracle, or through chemo/radiation. But I know that even if he does not have a good outcome here, that we will be together forever rejoicing in heaven, and will be able to look back at this and see the thread of goodness running through it and where it lead us. He loved you all so much.


Dear Friends,

One last update.... "I'm with Neil now. He's totally himself (although a little loopy from having just been under anesthesia), but is making jokes and his memory is intact. He has a 'splitting headache' but I reminded him that they'd just split his head open. He knows that it is not a meningioma, and we are just waiting for the final pathology report (which will take a week) to know exactly what it is. Within medulloblastomas and GBMs there are different grades etc (I am not an expert) which will determine treatment regimen and prognosis. He is in good spirits and says he loves you all.

He is in room 2729, but he isn't in a condition for visitors or phone calls right now. Watch facebook for updates about when he feels ready, or else call me. Neil says... God was so good to me throughout the surgery. He was good in giving me this tumor, and He is always good. With best wishes -


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