Bible Study Notes for Proverbs

These are my notes from a series of Bible studies that I led in the fall of 2008. They are not scholarly and are certainly not infallible. I hope they will be useful to guide discussion, but also hope that any and all readers will search the Bible for themselves and not merely take my word for it. The selection of topics and some of the ideas contained in the notes are borrowed from a course outline provided by Pastor Ian Maddock. Thanks Ian!

Week 1 - What is Wisdom?

Week 2 - Wisdom personified

Week 3 - The power of words

Week 4 - Authority

Week 5 - Justice

Week 6 - The roots of foolishness

Week 7 - Work and laziness

Week 8 - Sexuality

Week 9 - Alcohol

Week 10 - Parents and children

Week 11 - A wife of noble character

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